Scratch repair job

You can do everythung by yourself

Tinting small areas of a car with a paint is a fairly simple task that everyone can handle. Before you start, you need to carefully prepare the workplace – close the areas of a car that do not require painting. Carefully read the instructions on the package and follow it, apply neat brush strokes. The method of applying the paint depends on the area to be painted, as well as the paint itself. Various techniques are used for painting the car and the choice depends on the original paint, color, and the size of the area to be painted. If you have painted even a small area, a tined scratch can be always distinguished from the original color and, of course, if you have painted a large area by yourself, this cannot be hidden. For high-quality painting you should contact specialized services, that use the pprofessional paints, which are applied by spraying, and a ventilation system that eliminates the ingress of dust and dirty is equipped. Therefore, in order to ensure that the new paint completely coincides with the original, the painting work should be done by professionals.

In order to do a good work and professionally paint the car you need to practice.

Here are the steps that will help you to paint the car qualitatively:

  1. Choose the right color – the color code, as well as the number of the car body, is indicated on the firewall of your car. Buy paint with a brush or applicator, and use a primer before painting to ensure that the paint will be applied evenly.
  2. Examine the spot that you are going to paint for the presence of rust. Use a rust arrestor to clean rust before painting.
  3. Carefully sand the area of the painting with sandpaper. This will help the primer to be applied evenly.
  4. Wash the area for painting, clean it from dirt and dust. After drying, apply a primer. The primer should completely cover the metal and fill in all the irregularities so that the paint is smooth. If the scratch is insignificant and does not expose the metal, then it is sufficient to use only the paint. However, before painting the metal, it is necessary to apply a primer.
  5. To apply a small amount of a primer, use a brush of a small size. Apply the primer gently. It shouldn’t get on the original car paint. If this happens, it is necessary to remove it with a dry wipe. Wait until the primer dries well.
  6. Apply the paint covering the whole area of scratches to the inner edges.
  7. Allow the paint to dry for 7-10 days.
  8. Use wax and polish so that the fresh paint is leveled with the original paint and has a finished gloss.

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