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Almost each of us at least once was thinking about to paint a car, but we have left these thoughts with our never-come-true dreams. However, this is not as difficult as it might seem at a first glance. You obviously have some of the tools that are needed for painting a car. In order to help you to paint the car by yourself and fulfill your dream, we will describe in detail each step of the process and disclose some professional secrets.

In order to paint a car, you need to thoroughly plan your work, and after that you can see that this is absolutely not a difficult task. You need to start with a proper place for this job, pick up tools, and also choose the way that you are going to use for painting the car. No worries, we will tell you all the paint features that will give your car a professionally painted look.

Before You Begin

Before you begin to work you need to choose the right room. The selection criteria are the area of the room, its lighting, as well as ventilation. In addition, it is worth remembering that time is also one of the important criteria for choosing a room for painting. This is important because of the fact that the process of painting can take one or two days, the paint will be touch-dry in a day, but it will finally dry within 5-7 days. This time is very important for the result to look really professional, so please, be patient.

The area of the room is important, since nothing should obstruct your movements (you also need to move the equipment). Make sure that there is nothing on the floor that can stop you, whether it's wires, tools or other items.

All tools should be prepared in advance, this will help you to avoid dust occurring on the car that is ready to be painted.

During the room preparation, it is necessary to cover all the walls and working space with sheets of a protective paper that will prevent them of painting when using sprayer, this can also protect the car from dust.

After the car is painted it is necessary to leave it in the garage for 7 days, and during this time, the dust should not get onto the paint, otherwise it will be necessary to repaint the car again. If you have a special dust collector, then be sure to use it in these days.

Good ventilation is important not only to ensure that the paint is well dried, but also in order not to cause harm to your health. During the painting of the car, a large number of chemicals are used, such as a cleaner and paint. Therefore, to protect the lungs from getting dust and harmful chemicals into them, you should always use a respirator during the work!

For the best result, that looks professionally, good room lighting is necessary. Just one badly painted section is able to ruin the whole painting result. Therefore, take care of installing additional lighting if there is not enough light in the room.

Tool Kit & Painting Gear

Here you can find toolkit that you need to paint your car

Time To Scrub Up

After you have prepared the room and all the necessary tools for painting the car, we can start working. The first step of painting is to clean a car from rust and the remains of the old paint. Use scrub for this, and then thoroughly wash the car.

Before scrubbing all moldings should be sealed with adhesive tape, in order to protect them from damage. Then proceed to sand of the car body. It is necessary to completely remove all the paint, up to the primer or metal. Fresh paint will be even and smooth on an even primer. In order to do this work faster you should perform large circular motions. To remove small residues of paint after sand, use thinner.

Be sure to do this job wearing gloves. The gloves will protect your hands from the chemical agents, and the car from fingerprints.

Before painting be sure to protect all the car parts that do not require painting with a self-adhesive tape. It is necessary to protect the windows of the car and mirrors, also handles and other parts that do not need to be painted, as well as places where the paint can get inside the machine.

Get Priming and Painting

After cleaning the car, it is necessary to apply a primer that ensures quick drying of the paint and an even color, as well as excellent adhesion of the paint to the metal. Align all uneven spots on the car with a primer. Carefully read the instructions on the primer pack and allow it to dry out the specified time. Also pay attention to whether you want to add thinner to the primer. Apply the primer with strokes from top to bottom, so you will use every drop of the primer and do not let it drain down.

Primer is necessary to prepare a perfectly smooth surface for painting. Make sure that after applying the primer the entire surface is smooth, without any traces of droplets or bands. Use a wet and dry wipes to achieve the best possible applying of the primer.

Wax will help you get rid of the dust that could have appeared during scrubbing and priming the car. Thanks to wax you can achieve an even and smooth surface for a better result of painting.

Spray painting. 

Now you can go to the main step – applying the paint. Before you start, carefully read the label and follow the instructions for dilution. Be sure to wear gloves, protective goggles and a hood of your overalls.

The paint must be applied in several layers, preferably 3-4 layers, making the intervals between the application of the layers. Before applying the next layer, make sure that the previous layer has dried up. And the last step is the finish - lacquer, which will give the car a beautiful gloss and finished look.

Waiting time - a lot of time is needed for the paint to dry out and set and this expectation is always the most tedious part of painting the car. Completely the paint will dry up and adhere to the vehicle in about 5-7 days, thus it will be touch-dry in a day. However, do not use the car before a week. In order to avoid damage of a fresh paint, it is better to leave the car in the garage for this time. To ensure that the color is even and the paint does not get dust, it is necessary to fix the protective sheets.

The last step is polishing. After the paint has completely dried in 5-7 days it is necessary to grind it, remove small bubbles of air and dust, as well as irregularities that could have formed during the painting process. You just need to wash the car and wipe it dry to give it a gloss.


A complete instruction for painting the car is provided in the article, all the necessary tools are listed, as well as safety measures for each stage of painting.

Each step of the painting process is described in detail in the article, beginning with preparation and up to applying the finish. Carefully study each step before proceeding and follow all the instructions on the paint package, primer, finish, etc.

In order for the result to look professional, make sure that you have a high-quality sanding and applied a primer before painting. And if you are not happy with the result, do not worry, you can always do all the work again.

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